3 Ways to Find a Job in Cranston RI

The current economic situation is tough, and being unemployed is no fun at all and some days it feels like you might never find a job again.  However, there are jobs out there, but you'll need to look for work a bit more aggressively than you have in the past.  Long gone are the days of looking in the local news paper; here are three new ways to find a job in Cranston.

The first way to find a job is to join a job search website like monster.com.  Here, you'll be able to upload a resume online where potential employers will be able to have a look at it.  You'll be able to see job openings that aren't advertised in print sources; and at the latest count, there were over 5,000 job vacancies in a variety of industries advertised.  Other websites that advertise job vacancies and offer job-seeking advice are snagajob.com and indeed.com.

The second way to find a job in Cranston, RI is to visit the Rhode Island Department of Labor and Training website or visit the physical location at 1511 Pontiac Avenue in Cranston.  Here, a person who's looking for work can browse want ads, get information about job recruitment fairs in the area, and also learn about job training programs and workshops.  The Department of Labor and Training is a fantastic resource for job seekers and employers alike, so a visit here should be a top priority.

The third way to find a job in Cranston, RI is to e-mail resumes to different potential employers along with hitting the pavement.  That means if you want to find a good job, you'll need to put on some neat-looking clothes, print out a few resumes on good paper, write a few personalized cover letters and visit the businesses or offices in person.  Research shows that although some people get hired through online interviews and e-mail exchanges, the vast majority prefer to hire people they've met in person.  By going directly in person to apply for work and following up a visit with an e-mail, you will have an edge over the competition.

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